Cobblestone Private Travel



The Kingdom of Morocco has a rich history at the crossroads of Europe and North Africa.

A Cobblestone Private tour opens doors. Meet locals, explore souks, hear the call to prayer at dusk and feel that you are at Africa’s edge.

Perched on the edge of North Africa, Morocco occupies a fascinating place in the geography of the world: only 9 miles of ocean separate Morocco from Europe but it is firmly rooted in the traditions and history of the Islamic world. Being at a geographical crossroads has allowed Morocco to absorb myriad influences, creating a vibrant culture that reflects its rich historical heritage. Indigenous Berbers have occupied North Africa for millennia and the country has played host to foreign visitors for almost as long. Portuguese traders introduced goods from Europe, Romans constructed ancient cities, French travelers left their mark in Art Deco architecture, and Spanish Jews brought Andalusian music. The Al Karaouine, the oldest university in the world, is located in Fes, reflecting the country’s deep respect for scholarship.

Whether you would like an overall introduction to Moroccan culture or prefer to design an itinerary focusing on one aspect of it, we can offer guidance, insight and unique experiences to create the trip of your dreams.