Cobblestone Private Travel

Design & Artisanship


Explore the souks, meet the artisans and expats who are redefining Moroccan style.

Moroccan design is popping up everywhere. Step in the souks and see the traditions of crafts. Marrakech is the home of a vibrant design and artisanship community.

Moroccan design is having a moment! From the colorful mosaic zellij tilework to the traditional geometric Beni Ourain rugs that interior designers can’t seem to get enough of, Moroccan design is timeless and exquisite. Our private tours will introduce you to the artisans who are keeping these traditions alive and the expats who are helping bring Morocco’s craftsmanship to the forefront of the fashion and design worlds. Learn about the work that goes into creating the famous metal lanterns that mimic Moorish architecture and visit the women’s cooperatives that are changing the face of Berber carpet weaving. Meet artisans whose families have practiced their craft the same way for generations and others who are changing their business models to incorporate sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials.

Let our experienced guides help you navigate the marketplace, both figuratively and literally: they will take you to the best-kept-secret stalls in the souk and, if you wish, help you purchase your own treasures.

Cobblestone recommends: Handcrafted woodwork, leather goods, pottery, and tilework in Fez; the hidden workshops in Sidi Ghanem, the industrial zone outside Marrakech that has become a chic outpost.