Cobblestone Private Travel

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I plan a custom Morocco tour with Cobblestone?

Let’s talk. We feel the best results start with a conversation. You have questions to ask and we want to get to know you as a traveler. What are your passions?  What’s your pace? Let’s speak at your convenience. 

Why use a specialist?

We’ve been planning one-of-a-kind Morocco tours for over 16 years. We research, explore and sample so we know the country better. Our hyper-focus on Morocco enables us to be there first - to open that door that others don’t even know exists.

Can we hire you for a day tour?    

To provide a seamless experience, we handle guiding, hotels, transportation and special experiences acting as one point of responsibility. While we do not book your international flights, we can advise you of the best options or refer you to an industry colleague.

When is the best time to travel to Morocco?

March to early June and mid-September to mid-November are ideal.   Winter travel means moderate temperatures and a small chance of light showers.   Avoid the Sahara in summer but the cities and coast can be explored as long as you don’t mind the North African heat. Keep an eye on the big feast dates, Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha as their dates vary from year to year.

Is Morocco safe?

Morocco is an immensely welcoming destination and our travelers are having memorable trips. We are on the ground and offer 24 / 7 support while in country.